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Appliance Computing: Helping you earn the most from the sale of your home.Get an industry insider on your side.Surefield is a real estate broker that helps you generate -- and keep -- more of the net proceeds when you sell your home. Today, few home sellers get the most money possible since the conventional wisdom favors the financial interests of real estate industry insiders..Surefield’s entire approach is different and that is one of the reasons we published the Insider’s Guide to Real Estate. We believe in a transparent home selling process that helps home buyers and sellers, not agents. We work with you every step of the way to sell your home easily without falling into the most costly traps -- pricing too high or too low, overpaying for commissions, and overspending on unnecessary costs. Read more about Surefield’s approach to your home sale:.1.5% commission paid at closing on any home in Washington.End-to-end comprehensive representation through the entire transaction so you can relax.3D model, high dynamic range professional photos, and extensive support on pricing strategy.MLS listing with $2500 buyer’s agent commission, so buyers have the option to go direct (and you can always decide to pay ...

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