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Anasen (was Vize Software): Anasen is a web app that lets you prepare, clean, enrich, and model data visually, directly from interactive charts. Anasen is codeless and provides instant visual feedback on everything you do, making it the most efficient and intuitive way to work with data..In Anasen you can manipulate directly the bars, points, and lines that represent your data in the charts to perform all sorts of data tasks. It’s intuitive, it feels natural, and you understand exactly what you’re doing every step of the way. Since charts are the best way to understand data, they are the best interface to work on it..Having to code your way through every data operation is an absolute drag. It makes data work extremely tedious and frustrating. In Anasen, you can perform every typical data task with intuitive point-and-click interactions. And you get an instant visual preview that makes on-the-fly experimentation smooth and painless..Forget the pain of having to tinker with several badly integrated tools from different vendors, or the rigidity of having to perform data tasks in a specific order. Anasen provides everything you need, from data preparation to visual exploration or advanced modelling, in a single a...

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