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Ambience Data: This is the world's fire data in the past 24 hours captured by NASA's satellite. Burning down the world's forest for urbanization causes huge amounts of toxic air pollution that causes severe asthma and death. Air pollution kills over 5 million people every year, 92% of the people are breathing harmful air everyday. Ambience Data's mission is to bring transparency to environmental data and environmental awareness to the forefront of peoples mind, We believe this data can influence every important decision in people's life. We want communities to be built with sustainability and future generation's health in mind..Source: in touch! Subscribe to our monthly newsletter.Our end-to-end IoT platform is a complete real-time monitoring system that provides you with instant access to live data..Stay informed and receive automated data alerts on your mobile phone whenever our sensors detect data levels that exceed customizable thresholds set by you..Our platform easily integrates with numerous device and sensor types to provide a secure and scalable IOT pipeline. It utilizes big data to perform meaningful data analyt...

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