AmberBox Gunshot Detection
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AmberBox: Immediate and precise gunshot detection.Automatic notification to 911 and building security.Track incident locations and data in real-time anywhere.No wired data connection, only a high / low voltage power supply.Universal integration with building security systems.No real-time audio transmitted, guaranteeing privacy.Protecting life through instant response technology.AmberBox automates the emergency process to significantly reduce response time and remove human error..Immediate and precise indoor gunshot detection and notification in 3.6 seconds. Tri-factor authentication delivers maximum accuracy and protection from an active shooter threat..Automatic alerts to police via our E911 certified telecommunications platform and simultaneous notification to building security representatives. Reduce response times by an average of 5 minutes to stop threats faster..Cloud-based AmberBox Response Platform delivers real-time data on rapidly evolving active shooter incidents. Monitor locations, track perpetrator movement and respond immediately with pre-programmed security features anytime, anywhere..Learn more about the AmberBox Gunshot Detection System.Immediate and precise gunshot detectio...

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