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AlemHealth: Send medical images.convenientl.Request a radiology second opinion by expert radiologists in the US without leaving your home..With AlemHealth, patients can store and send large, diagnostic-grade medical images and CDs to radiologists anywhere, quickly and securely..GET A SECOND OPINION STORE YOUR MEDICAL IMAGES.Access radiologists trained at top schools including:.Radiologists and physicians can view patient images from any patient or facility in our network, and provide radiology opinions quickly and easily..We believe sharing medical images with your care team worldwide should be easy.Healthcare Facilities.Patients.Radiologists.Physicians.Global Health Practitioners.Upload your studies from anywhere, access them anytime and share them with anyone..Diagnostic Grade: DICOM-compliant, lossless compression. Never lose a single pixel of data..Infinite Scale: High availability servers with backup mean minimal downtime or drive failures..Cost Savings: Store studies at a fraction of the cost of purchasing and managing your own storage, or storing physical films and CDs..Centralised Archive: All your current and prior exams from any facility in one place..Online & Offline Viewing: View y...

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