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Airthium: We store your solar and wind energy on site and above-ground for a 24/7 uninterrupted service using our MW-scale thermodynamic energy storage modules. We use electricity to power a heat pump and store the heat at 500°C (932°F) in low cost materials. The heat pump then becomes a heat engine to convert the heat back into electricity when it's needed..Our team invented a radically new way to perform the compression and decompression of gases. Get in touch for more information on our technology..The Airthium units are 100% recyclable and safe. We do not use toxic, explosive or otherwise harmful materials to ensure the safety of your installation..We carefully engineered our units to minimize the amount of mechanical moving parts. Our systems are designed with reliability and durability in mind..Airthium units costs drastically less than every other energy storage solution for installations starting at 1MW and up to gigawatt scale..Airthium was co-founded in May 2016 by Andreï Klochko and Dimitri Botvitch. The company won numerous prizes including Prix Gérondeau by Zodiac Aerospace 2014, Prix des innovateurs by ArcelorMittal 2016 and the Concours Mondial de l'innovation 2016 organized b...

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Airthium founded in 2014.