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AirFox: Many bank branches are expensive and inconvenient to low-income neighborhoods..Traditional credit scores exclude people who don’t have complete financial histories..Without a credit score, thin file applicants are too risky and expensive for lending..With most banks, middle men increase the cost of each transaction..Money is accessible through an easy-to-use mobile app and at physical retail locations..Creditworthiness can be calculated for people using phone data and in-app activity..Machine learning generates alternative credit scores using data science..Consumers and businesses are directly connected..With banQi, a new free and flexible bank for all Brazilians, including the 50 million not served by traditional banking establishments..By lending money to underserved micro-entrepreneurs for the purpose of starting or building sustainable businesses..Digitally transforming financial systems that are high cost, high touch, and inaccessible by the underserved.All Rights Reserved

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