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Aingel: Aingel is an analytics platform for VCs and startups. Aingel is currently used by VCs to predict game-changing startups using our Inception Scoreā„¢. We are now in public beta with hot startups like yours, helping them fundraise faster using AI and analytics..A recent paper by KPMG reports deal volume of seed and early stage investments at around 50% of 2015 figures. VCs are putting more money in less startups, which is making fundraising harder for you. To quote Sam Altman from YCombinator when addressing YC startups, "...the environment seems to be changing." What worked before will not work today. Your approach to fundraising must be different..Fundraising for your startup just got a whole lot easier, faster, structured and more efficient. We use AI to analyze your startup's space. Then our algorithms scan the complete VC universe plus their portfolio companies to generate a contextual understanding of your top matching VCs. You then gain access to an interactive dashboard which you can use to select the VCs you want us to introduce you to. That simple..Sortly.Fr8star.Patch.SkyLights.SpotAngels.Magalix.Amr is Co-founder and CEO of Aingel. He has over 16 years of experience in buil...

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