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AesculaTech: Our first product is a punctual plug for the treatment for dry eye syndrome..25% of visits to Ophthalmology clinics are due to dry eye syndrome and 64 million Americans are using over the counter eye lubricants more than 5x per week. However, 40 million of those patients report that eye drops are ineffective. This leads to 5 million patients undergoing a treatment known as punctal occlusion. Punctal occlusion physically blocks the tear duct, the drainage path for tears, using a punctal plug. This one-time treatment provides rapid symptom relief for 80% of patients, but 50% of plugs fall out within 6 months..To address this problem, we have developed a shape-adaptive punctal plug. The plug is administered as a liquid and solidifies once inserted into the patient, adapting to their unique anatomy. The device is one‑size-fits-all and easy to administer, resulting in improved patient comfort and fewer repeat procedures..Andrew Bartynsky, PhD.CEO.Chemical Engineering.Niki Bayat, Phd.CSO.Chemical Engineering.Jose Ramírez, MS.PM.Bioengineering.Natalie Afshari, MD.Clinical Advisors.UC San Diego.Reza Dana, MD.Clinical Advisors.Harvard.Mark Thompson, PhD.Scientific Advisor.USC.Dimitri Villar...

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