Advano - The Scalable Silicon Solution For Li-Ion Batteries
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Advano: THE NEED IN A NUTSHELL.Electric vehicles haven’t been able to overcome the burden of cost versus range limitations..For electric vehicles to be competitive, batteries must reach both:.GRAVIMETRIC ENERGY DENSITY (Wh/kg) Improvements Over Time.CAPACITY COST ($/kWh) Improvements Over Time.CAPACITY COST ($/kWh) Improvements Over Time.But improvements have been leveling off..The good news: a step-up change in performance is available thanks to one of the most abundant resources on earth. Silicon..Silicon can hold energy 10X better than graphite, the standard anode material..This lets us make batteries with thinner electrodes for higher energy density..250 Wh/kg GRAVIMETRIC ENERGY DENSITY.$190/kWh CAPACITY COST.Many material companies claim to have a “drop-in” solution, in the form of a revolutionary silicon powder. However, they ignore the complexity and complication of integrating silicon powder into an actual cell. They leave that problem for someone else to figure out..We tackle silicon’s numerous issues using surface functionalization technology. This heavily patented platform technology allows us to controllably alter silicon’s properties at its most intimate interfacial dimension—...

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