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Acerta: Get unparalleled insight into system quality and condition with AI that understands automotive.LEARN MORE.Acerta provides the industry’s only AI-powered solution designed specifically for automotive applications. By integrating domain expertise into our machine learning models, we are capable of delivering results with unmatched precision. From reducing scrap and rework, to accelerating root cause analysis, our solutions provide clients with a tool to reduce waste, increase throughput, and boost product quality..Acerta Cortex™.AI-Enabling Data-Governance for Automotive Applications.Acerta’s dynamic data governance solution, designed specifically for the automotive industry, transforms any existing storage structure into a smart data hub..Read More>>.Acerta LinePulse™.Production Quality Analytics for Automotive Manufacturing.Acerta’s neural network analyzes in-line and end-of-line data in real time to augment existing processes by detecting more faults and predicting failures, sooner..Read More>>.Acerta AutoPulse™.Condition Analysis for Predictive Maintenance.Acerta’s deep neural network communicates potential system failures before they happen, providing remaining useful life analy...

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