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Able Health: Able Health is the #1 customer experience in the journey from volume to value—whether MIPS, Medicaid, or commercial initiatives.How can we help you?.48-hour guaranteed response time from our quality experts.2-week average implementation time with EHR data extraction.The MIPS composite performance score is a score applied to each group or clinician participating in MIPS, which is used by CMS to determine each group or clinician's payment adjustment. A score of 70/100 or above is considered Exceptional Performance and makes a group or clinician eligible for an Exceptional Performance Bonus on their payment adjustment of up to +10% on top of the upward payment adjustment already earned for outperforming their peers..The average composite performance score listed was based on a study of Able Health customers reporting as groups of 5 or more clinicians using full reporting for the 2017 performance year (inclusive of the Quality performance category). Composite scores were projected based on a scoring model employing available customer data, which omitted certain bonuses and the claims-based measure All-Cause Hospital Readmissions, which is calculated by CMS..“We evaluated more than 40 c...

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