Aalo | Simple, Adaptable and Reusable DIY Furniture.
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Aalo: Your cart is currently empty..{ item.product_title }.{ item.variant_title }.Shipping & taxes calculated at checkout.The most versatile furniture system ever created. Designed to fit your life, made to move and grow with you..Meet Aalo, a DIY furniture system you can reuse and adjust to fit your needs, wherever life might take you. Buy once, use it for life. Say goodbye to standardized furniture..Our patent-pending system allows you to easily assemble and modify your furniture, for unique designs that moves and evolves with you..Aluminum construction with premium powder coating finish for maximum durability..Easily add or remove parts to fit your changing space needs. With our Lego-like assembly, you'll never run out of ideas on how to best outfit your space with Aalo..Our interchangeable parts system is so easy and versatile, anyone can use it to build a DIY solution. Explore the endless possibilities..Our beams come pre-cut to length with premium finish, so you can start your DIY project right away at a fraction of time and effort..Aalo uses only one type of hardware and tool, so you don't need any skills to put together your unique design..Whether you modify a ready-made design o...

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