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API Fortress: Built for testers and developers Works in the cloud or on-premises.API Fortress is an API testing suite as a platform. A versatile platform for any company that relies on APIs. Create and automate functional tests, virtualize APIs, and perform load tests. Save time with automated test generation, collaborate with an intuitive interface, and validate deployments to catch problems before your customers or partners..With API Fortress you can generate a test in seconds, saving you time, and freeing you to focus on creating robust integration tests. Validate your API’s response, the headers, the data, and even the business logic. Spend time on the creative aspects of your job, and build end-to-end tests that really test your API program..Free yourself from manual testing, and let the platform handle your API testing. The platform can automate test creation and test executions. Automatically trigger tests during your CI/CD process, no matter what you use for deployments. Jenkins, TravisCI, Bamboo, it works with all of them..API mocking (also called virtualization) allows companies to accelerate development of new APIs. It empowers the QA team to work in parallel with the development team...

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