AON3D - Industrial 3D Printers for High Performance Thermoplastics
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AON3D: Fabricate with high-performance thermoplastics, including PEEK, PEKK, ULTEM™, and more, on an open materials 3D printer designed for flexibility..Choose from the most advanced materials when printing your parts and achieve warp-free, accurate printing with our 120°C actively heated build chamber..Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) is widely regarded as one of the strongest thermoplastics on the market, offering a range of desirable mechanical properties as well as resistances to temperature and chemicals..ULTEM™ 9085 (also known as PEI, or polyetherimide) is a versatile thermoplastic used in 3D printing which offers excellent mechanical strength and temperature resistance..PEKK (polyetherketoneketone) is a relative of PEEK in the PAEK family, and offers similar high-performance mechanical properties, as well as temperature and chemical resistances..Polycarbonate (PC) offers exceptional strength for a 3D printed thermoplastic. This engineering-grade plastic offers strong flame resistance, impact strength, and heat resistance..Nylon (PA – polyamides) covers a semi-crystalline family of polymers that have many applications in 3D printing. Nylon’s high strength-to-weight ratio and low frictio...

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AON3D founded in 2015.