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AI Insurance: The Artificial Intelligence-backed claims management software. With discounts for companies that get under 30 claims per month..Benefits.AI Insurance redesigns how you think about claims so everyone involved has instant access to the data they're looking for. All at a price that small, independant TPAs can afford..With instant access to all data for everyone, people find what they're looking for faster. Claims managers spend less time saving and relaying information, and claims close faster.The system learns. Once you've been using it for long enough, the AI can begin to predict your indemnity payments..In just 7 days you can have access to all of your historical claims data at your fingertips. No training required. All searchable and exportable..If you can't access any data on any claim in an instant, it's time to upgrade your claims managment software.For Big Shops.For insurers and claims managers using a database-backed claims system, our software seamlessly integrates with your existing claims management to provide real-time indemnity predictions on your open claims..For Everyone Else.AI Insurance Claims Management software reframes how users think about claims. Notes and conve...

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