14bis Supply Tracking

14bis Supply Tracking - (Previously SafeFlights Inc)
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14bis Supply Tracking: We wanted to express our inspiration from great aviation inventor Alberto Santos-Dumont who realized one of the first sustained powered flights ever in 1906 near Paris. This daring aviator and inventor took to the air in his wooden and fabric lined craft, the 14bis, and in doing so defied people’s notions of what was possible..Thanks to him and the Wright brothers, the skies became the new frontier. No longer were they impenetrable fortresses of cloud and wind that prevented man from achieving the prized gift of sustained flight. He was one of the pioneers who built a working model that could sustain powered flight..We were inspired by Santos-Dumont’s achievements with the 14bis and his incessant pursuit of innovation and unveiling new frontiers. In addition, he inspires our company because of his philanthropic efforts in giving back to those less fortunate, so that all benefit from innovation..14bis Supply Tracking was founded to improve safety. We developed a groundbreaking process that changes the way parts are identified and tracked throughout the supply chain. We ensure transparency and full lifecycle verification, increasing safety and reducing admin costs..14bis Supply Track...

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