Kanban style agile daily stand-ups

Daily stand-ups is one of the most important meetings of a working agile team. Team gathers in a circle and every individual gives an update about 3 topics:

What did I do yesterday?

What am I going to work on today?

Any risk / blockers / issues?

So far so good. This is what we have been doing all the time. Recently, we are applying more Kanban style agile daily stand-ups in our teams. Instead of going over individuals one by one, you go over the issues on the Kanban board and person who is working on it gives an update:

Work has been done on the ticket

Any risk / blockers prevents me to deliver the required functionality

One of the key differences here is that team focus on the issues on the Kanban board. Team checks the board from right to left. So focus is on finishing something before than starting something new.

One more tip for the Kanban style stand-ups. We tested also the idea of putting one dot for every day worked on a ticket. For example, if a ticket has 2 dots on it, it means this ticket was being worked for at least 2 days. This helps you to see if your estimations were correct. But more importantly, this shows if there is an unidentified bottleneck. 

If I compare two different styles, traditional (Scrum) or Kanban style, I can say that it is easier to apply the traditional stand-up style because it is something that everyone applied before. On the other hand, I am not sure if it gives the maximum benefit all the time. Team should really focus on the sprint and give the update properly. For example, when it is my turn to speak up, if I just give an update about which meetings I am going to attend and that I need to leave early today, it might not be interesting for most of the team members. On the other hand, when you have the Kanban style stand-ups, you make sure that the topics (here issues on the digital or offline Kanban board) are always relevant to most of the team members. 

To sum up, we can not say if one style is much better than the other, but you should try Kanban stye agile daily stand-ups especially when you observe a lot of noise in the stand-ups. Let us know what you think after you try both. 

Do you also have daily stand-ups? How do you organize them? Comment below!