How to progress your professional career by becoming a trainer?

I was offered to give training for other employees inside the company. At first, I was reluctant to do so.  There was a lot of to prepare and I was not sure if I have time for it! I decided to give it a try. I started to give 2 technical trainings per month. After some time, I understood why someone should be a trainer in a company. I noticed a lot of benefits of being a trainer in my career.You can progress your professional career by becoming a trainer in the company. 


While training other people, I noticed the areas which I don’t know very much detailed to explain someone.

You read more to train others better and this helps you as well. When you can’t answer a question, it is ok. Be honest, check the question afterwards and bring the answer in the next session.

Learn from others

You will increase your knowledge not only by preparation for the training but also talking to trainees. For example, my trainees were showing me the tech stack they were using and asking some technical questions. I learn what kind of problem they were trying to solve and how they were doing. It helped me to see a lot of different solutions to different problems that I would not be exposed if I were only “stuck” in my project.


After a while, a lot more people started to say me hi inside the department. They were approaching me and asking questions. For example, in one case, I was giving advice which tech stack to choose for a new service to be built. Coincidentally, after some time, I started to work with these people that I was training. You could expect that our relationship had already a good start.

Seen as an expert

After I put my training activities into my linkedin resume, I started to get a lot of messages from recruiters. Some of them were explicitly mentioning my training experience was a sign that I would be successful in the position that they were offering because of the technical match. If you give a 2 years training on a topic X, everyone would expect you know topic X at least more than average, mostly very good.


Don’t you have an internal training offering? Great, set up one! Be proactive. You will start seeing the benefits that I mentioned above. Let me know after you try it out.